Best practice guidelines for the design, production and presentation of vacuum formed tactile maps

Source map

Apart from simple route maps that can be designed easily from a sketch, it is essential to acquire a suitable scale map of the area to be represented. This may not always be readily available, and in the author’s experience it eases the whole process if the commissioning agent accepts responsibility for providing suitable printed material (it may be necessary to use aerial photographs and other printed material in addition to maps). The size of the scale map is irrelevant, as all maps can be enlarged or reduced to fit designers’ needs, but the content is important. The source map should show the outlines of the main elements of the site and enough detail on which to base a site survey (see Figure 13).

Designers must be aware that all maps published in the last 70 years (50 years in the case of OS and other Crown Copyright maps) are in copyright. They can only be used as a source map with the written permission of the copyright holder, who may charge a fee [34].