Best practice guidelines for the design, production and presentation of vacuum formed tactile maps


These guidelines highlight many design problems, and go some way towards increasing the availability of well designed tactile map packages. To this end, tactile map designers should be prepared to amend their work until they can offer visually impaired people the information they want and can share with their companions. In addition, visually impaired people should be prepared to ask for more maps and not be afraid to speak up when they are dissatisfied with what is on offer.

The design and production of tactile maps still have far to go. Mapping for visually impaired people is constantly evolving and should not be allowed to stand still. How rapidly it progresses is in the hands of designers and users: it is up to us all to work in partnership and share our knowledge

If you have any comments about the content of these guidelines and wish to suggest how they might be improved please email

13 August 2002