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Tactile Book Advancement Group (TBAG )

Welcome to TBAG

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Pictures showing children reading tactile books

TBAG works to promote the design, provision and enjoyment of tactile books
for blind and partially sighted children.

On this web site you can find advice and information for everyone about designing, producing, using, buying and borrowing tactile books. Guidelines for publishers, authors and illustrators of children's books give advice about small changes that can make a big difference.

Typhlo and Tactus
International Tactile Book Competition 2011

The Typhlo and Tactus group held a tactile book competition this year to encourage the design and production of books with tactile illustrations for children with little or no sight. The Tactus Award aims to encourage excellence and the sharing of expertise in the creation  of tactile books for visually impaired children. 

The results have now been published and can be seen in full here.

1st prize was awarded to Henry Jack by Margaret Sharp  (Great Britain)
This fabric book addresses a new theme: brother / sister relationship, based on jokes, teasing. The story is very funny, it appeals to children who both fear and love to be scared. It allows them to play down the idea of objects that are «horrible» to touch.

2nd prize was awarded equally to both:
The Present by Katarina Matkovic and Tihana Pecirko
This collage book is creative and interactive. The theme of the birthday can be shared by all the children. The illustrations are adapted to the tactile and visual medium. It is a book to be enjoyed for the pleasure of touch.

and to:
The Sun and the Moon by Keun Hae Youk (South Korea)
This traditional Korean tale for young children, stimulates their imagination and moves them emotionally. The illustrations (collage) with varied textures for fingers and attractive colours for visually impaired children arouse their interest and allow them to discover stories of the past.

Where to look:

2008 Tactile Book competition results plus links to how some of the books were made: Prizewinning tactile books

Guidelines for publishers, authors and illustrators have their own page : Publishers guidelines

Information on how to design and make tactile books is all on the Making books page

Information about commercially produced books to buy is on the Books to Buy page

Libraries that lend tactile books for children are listed on the Books to Borrow page

News, views and other bits of information are on the Snippets page

Answers to common questions are on Questions page

Our meetings and other useful dates are posted on the Diary page

Full contact details for queries, information to share, website comments etc. are on the Contacts page

All sorts of information that may be useful can be discovered through our Links page

The Tactile Book Advancement Group (TBAG) includes representatives from ClearVision, RNIB, parents and professionals working with blind and partially sighted children.

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Welcome : Prizewinning tactile books : Publishers guidelines : Making books : Buying Books :
Borrowing Books
: Snippets : Questions : Diary : Contacts : Links

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